A Couple of Anniversaries

Two of my very favorite things in cyberspace are celebrating anniversaries.

Boing Boing is commemorating ten years of wonderfully eclectic and off-bear stories on its very popular web site. Cory has some nice statistics as well as an expression of gratitude not only to the regular co-editors but to the guest bloggers who have contributed over the years. To me, Boing Boing represents a certain triumph of editorial character over bland filtering. Whether you feel warmly, prickly or ambivalently to the site, it does what it says on the tin. Here’s to many more decades to come.

EFF is getting ready to celebrates twenty years of defending our collective cyber-liberties. They’ve already started a bigger than ever annual fund raising push, with some great video testimonials and swag. Now they’ve announced a live event, to be MC’ed by Mythbuster, Adam Savage. Sounds like a fantastic party which makes me very jealous of all their supporters in the bay area who will have the opportunity to party with such an awesome set of folks in support of a great organization.

I hope that one day, we may not need an EFF but for as long as the need remains, I hope they stick around, doing what they do so well.

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