Project for Making Public Domain Music Friendlier

It is hardly surprising that Boing Boing’s developer, Dean Putney, has been working on a project to make discovery within the immense collection of live music at the Internet Archive easier. The story of his work, and that of his collaborators, is almost as interesting as the end result.

I am a little disappointed that Dewey Music doesn’t appear to be an open source project. The fact that it is a school project may have some bearing on that. It does have what appears to be a pretty comprehensive, REST-ful API, though, so could be used in a further mash up with other web applications.

The interface it sports does indeed seem like a pretty natural way to sieve through the Internet Archive to find performances of interest. Some of the categorization issues of the archive unfortunately bleed through. The genre list, for one, is immense as a result of quite a few one of and spurious entries. Still, it is a start and definitely a huge improvement over trying to filter the archive directly.

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