Next Step Towards Home 3D Printing

Wired explains that HP is targeting a wider market, though still not the home or home office–yet. The price point still seems a little steep, at $15K, but not too far off from where laser printers entered the market.

The article further explains how cheap 3D design software, such as Sketchup and Blender, have really enabled not only this step but the growth of kit printers, like MakerBot. I expect the software will really start to rapidly evolve, too, as it did with 2D printers. Think of where we are at as the early postscript days, settling on standards on which later applications could build.

I hope this next step down in price and step up in availability marks the beginning of the true commoditization of this technology. Between the home brew crowd and the gradual uptake from existing vendors, the squeeze certainly is on.

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