Rebuttal to Zuckerberg’s End of Privacy

Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb has an excellent follow up to his earlier reporting on remarks by Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. Not only does Marshall echo the sentiment advanced by many others on this front, that privacy is not the same as secrecy, but he makes an excellent point about choice.

Mark Zuckerberg might be right, people probably are becoming more comfortable telling the world at large about more and different parts of their lives. Why does that mean it’s ok to take away peoples’ choices and force them to make public some of their information all the time? That just doesn’t make sense.

This dovetails with his final point, that certain classes of users will always have an elevated need for control. Kirkpatrick’s arguments are just the tip of the iceberg but any single one is sufficient to deflate Zuckerberg’s attempts to change privacy norms through sheer force of will.

2 Replies to “Rebuttal to Zuckerberg’s End of Privacy”

    1. Your coverage of this consistently has exhibited a higher degree of thought than much of what I’ve seen elsewhere on the web. It raises above the mere panic over what Zuckerberg’s remarks imply for Facebook’s actions now and in the future and adds a needed level of theorizing, particularly around effective rhetorical responses. Thank you for that.

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