Another Senator Writes USTR about ACTA

Wired has a good write up based on a copy of Sen. Wyden’s letter disclosed by KEI. KEI has shared critical information on ACTA previously, following the controversial trade agreement with concern stemming from its human rights agenda.

I glanced through the letter and this is nowhere near as incisive as the letter written by Brown and Sanders a few months ago. The most promising point Wyden pushes, one that has arisen in the public interest push back on ACTA in Canada, is whether negotiations would require changes to existing US copyright law. Otherwise, most of the questions seem to be seeking clarification with regards to existing laws, constraints and trade commitments like TRIPS.

Even if Wyden didn’t write the letter with the interest to push for consumer rights, that he is calling the USTR to task for lack of transparency should still serve those interests well. The secrecy of the ACTA negotiations remains the biggest issue though the leaks we’ve seen so far, if credible, show overreaching copyright maximalism is a whisper’s breadth behind it in cause for concern.

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