Microsoft Joins SVG Working Group

More exciting would be concessions from the Redmond giant on audio and video tags in the HTML5 spec. According to The Register, there may be cause for cautious optimism. Thankfully, before I could skewer them for the initial positive gush, they tamped this love fest down to a more realistic level.

But there’s many a slip between participation and implementation, and commenters are right to temper their enthusiasm and not assume simply joining the working group will mean support for SVG in IE. There have been complaints of Microsoft joining industry technology working groups in years past without it actually actively participating.

An accurate dash of cold water.

Broader support for SVG, a specification for vector graphics, could enable faster innovation and improvements in all the modern browsers that might eventually lead to reducing if not eliminating the web’s dependence on the proprietary Flash. I don’t think the sorts of animations made possible by the open standard are the most important battle though. The cynic in me says that by comparison to video, this is almost a non-concession from Microsoft.

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