Disney’s Response to DECE

For the sake of completeness, here is a good piece from The Globe and Mail on Disney’s own video DRM scheme. Disney is the sole holdout from the DECE scheme about which I blogged yesterday. The story Disney is trying to sell with KeyChest sounds almost identical to that of DECE, trying to push consumer convenience when this is just another attempt at control.

Ed Felten’s piece yesterday also made reference to KeyChest and I’ve read some rumors about its development so its announcement is hardly surprising. I didn’t realize until reading that post the copy of “Up” I recently received as a gift uses this system. I naively assumed the “Digital Copy” was just a free and clear MPEG or QT file, no such luck. As Felten points out, though, at least for someone with my technical savvy, the digital copy really is superfluous as long as the main disc is encrypted with the well broken CSS.

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