DoJ Appeals FCC to Release More Wireless Spectrum

Here’s an interesting story from Cecilia Kang at the Washington Post. The rationale apparently runs that making more spectrum available specifically for wireless broadband will increase competitive pressure on wired options like cable and the telcos. The article goes on to discuss smart phones and wireless carriers.

Wait a minute–wireless telephone carriers putting pressure on wired broadband providers?!

I see a few flaws with this idea, not the least of which is that currently wireless data services come nowhere close to cable, fiber or even high end copper line broadband. Further, the wired providers put very few restrictions, if any, on what devices I can connect to my line. Those few wireless providers who allow tethering charge for the privilege and there just isn’t a good, universal interconnect for doing so.

Maybe the DoJ should be encouraging the FCC to support development of analog TV spectrum technologies, like white space, that might do a better job of more directly competing with the effective last mile duopoly.

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