EFF’s E-Book Buying Guide to Privacy

EFF has an excellent chart considering the best and worst of e-book readers based on privacy concerns. There is a lot more to consider when looking at devices and software but this is a good start. Sadly, there is no clear winner on the privacy front but there are a few relatively better choices. Personally, I am surprised to see Sony towards the top of the list. As the explanation accompanying the chart notes, though, this is a function of Sony’s support for other e-book stores, ones that may have more privacy preserving policies and/or terms of use.

I am more than a little surprised at the omission of Stanza from the list. Sure, since Amazon bought Lexcycle, there is concern about the software’s future. For the moment it appears to be going strong. I have no idea if the recently released 2.0 version sends any data back to Amazon or not, but at least with regards to acquiring e-books, any site or service that offers titles in the ePub format should work just fine with Stanza. You can even load titles directly into the software without needing to connect to an online store or service.

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