Video of My Recent Interview with Cory Doctorow

My friend Dan has finally finished the herculean task of uploading an edited and high resolution video of my recent interview with Cory Doctorow during the final stop of his MAKERS book tour at Philcon. Dan shot this video on his new HD flip that he bought for the occasion while I conducted the interview. He also took a bunch of great photos. Thanks, Dan!

The video is available in a few formats, including Ogg Theora. It clocks in at just under forty minutes so the HD version is a hefty download. The Ogg and standard definition mpeg versions are much more manageable.

Apologies in advance for the audio, you’ll need to crank it up a bit though I imagine the video may help at softer volumes with understanding Cory’s responses. For those familiar with my previous out of the studio recording struggles, I have a new bit of gear on its way that should help: a Giant Squid Lab mic that I can use as a pair of lavaliers, or clip-on, microphones.

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