Version 0.26 of flashbake Released

This release is long overdue but the hurdles that held it back, mostly in adequate data for some maintenance and testing, have been cleared well enough that future releases should come more frequently.

From the release notes:

There is now a purge capability that can be manually invoked to remove any files deleted from the repository that are listed via a glob. This is most useful when working with authoring software that adds, changes and removes files behind the scenes. The Scrivener file plugin has been updated to use the purge function automatically, to clean out files Scrivener removes as the result of empty the application’s internal trash or merging parts of a project.

I found another IP location services to replace the one that went away before the last release. As a consequence, the location plugin has been restored and updated to use that replacement service. If you only use official release, you should notice no difference, no interruption in the workings of this plugin. If you are a developer and have been using the in-progress code, then this release officially restores the plugin. Hopefully the service it now uses will last a little longer.

I have incorporated Andrew Heiss’ iTunes plugin alongside the existing Banshee plugin. Use the plugin spec,, in your .flashbake file to activate the new plugin. It has only been tested on OS X and relies on AppleScript being present. The plugin reports on the currently playing file, if there is one.

Another plugin protocol has been added, for extensible notifications. The email plugin has been reworked to use this new protocol. A plugin for Growl has also been added that uses the protocol. The Growl plugin has been tested on OS X and will issue notices of valid commits as well as problems that may need attention.

See the project’s wiki for more information or download from the project’s download page.

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