Firefox Now the World’s Most Popular Browser

According to this Slashdot post, Mozilla’s browser has just eked out a lead over both MSIE8 and MSIE7 when you consider browser stats collected from around the globe. Considering the StatCounter graph to which Slashdot links, it is interesting to see MSIE8 and Firefox on the same curve for a few weeks then MSIE’s usage seems to have started to flatten. Taken together the two more popular versions of Microsoft’s browsers still clobber Firefox, but MSIE7 is on a strong downtrend so that may not remain true for much longer.

You can explore regional statistics to better understand what is going on here. Unfortunately for web developers in the US, MSIE8 still has a healthy lead on Firefox though it has bettered MSIE7 and MSIE6 has almost hit the floor. Europe seems to be responsible largely for the worldwide lead, showing an almost opposite graph for Firefox and MSIE8 compared to North America.

Let’s hope this trend continues.

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