ACM Struggles with Open Access

Cory shares a story on Boing Boing of the Association of Computing Machinery’s opposition to open access. I am an ACM member and also on the US public policy committee. I cannot share the committee’s views on this but what I can say is that many general ACM members share the same frustration that Cory’s submitter mentions. The ACM is made of quite a few folks from academia that otherwise are supporters of open access and there have been issues not just with the organization commenting on the NIH proposal, but on adequate open access of its own assets.

From what I understand, the NIH proposal seems like a reasonable compromise between using exclusion in the interest of profits by journals and public interest by shifting the open access to after an initial for pay period. I struggle to understand why publishers in a field where open access is key to further innovation wouldn’t see the value in this proposal.

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