Privacy, Security Elements Facebook is Getting Right

theharmonyguy shares a few things Facebook is getting right.

While it’s no secret that I don’t always see eye-to-eye with the leadership of Facebook, I wanted to take this post to give them a few shout-outs instead of critiquing. Amid all the negative reports about Facebook decisions, I have seen a few developments I find encouraging.

In short, they are making some headway on deceptive ads, educating app developers and focusing in on some core platform issues. theharmonyguy has tried to draw attention to and generate pressure to fix a wide variety of privacy and security problems with the social network provider. He’s done so primarily through his month of Facebook bugs project and as part of his larger investigation into security concerns specific to the whole space of social sites and services.

As he says, it is easy to focus on the negative but shame alone isn’t as effective a prod as also providing credit where it’s due. Too bad this is being overshadowed by the justifiable criticism of Facebook’s own freshly rolled, new privacy settings. Where the balance of missteps and good actions falls out remains to be seen.

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