One Sided Meeting over Piracy Concerns

If you have any doubt about who is driving policy pushes around normalizing intellectual monopoly enforcement around the globe, including suggestions like ISP filtering and three strikes rules, read this statement from Public Knowledge’s Gigi Sohn.

Much like Ron Kirk’s recent evasions when confronted by KEI, what possible excuse could the executive have for conducting a meeting that utterly excludes the public interest?

Art Brodsky, also of Public Knowledge, links to the same guest list that clearly prompted Gigi’s statement. He adds further points for consideration on the question of rational.

Why is this meeting being held? The movie industry is completing its best year ever. Repeat after me. Best. Year. Ever. The recording industry continues to whine, but as music journalist Steve Knopper, chronicled , their wounds are largely self-inflicted. The title is instructive – “Appetite for Self-Destruction: The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age.”

I also think his call for the White House’s shame is justified. If they aren’t going to hear all sides, ensure all interests are represented equally, then they shouldn’t be entertaining any of them.

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