UK MP Wants to End Piracy Chasers, Too

An interesting catch by TorrentFreak, namely that Lord Lucas who previously criticized the Digital Economy Bill also wants to bring an end to third party litigation around file sharing:

“Secondly, it should be compulsory for copyright holders to go through the mechanism we are putting in place. It is not acceptable that we are putting in place a mechanism for them to deal with peer-to-peer file-sharing and for them still to go immediately to lawyers and harass people as the pornography industry does already. The briefing that noble Lords will have seen from Which? describes the consequences well. We should take the opportunity of this Bill to stamp that out,” he said.

TorrentFreak looked at how lucrative p2p investigation and prosecution really is. Note, though, that Lord Lucas is likening this third party action to a pre-existing problem around the porn industry in Britain. He is not suggesting eliminating action in the presence of infringement, rather limiting that to the government provided mechanisms.

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