Help Carl Malamud Convince Congress of the Value of Public Domain Video

What Carl describes in the message Cory posted to Boing Boing on his behalf is admittedly gaming the system. If you watch the recommended videos between now and his testimony on December 16th, you’ll be helping to bulk up the statistics he will be citing to advance the case for public access. To be fair, the system as he describes it seems unfairly stacked towards pushing you to buy these videos on DVD rather than exercise what seems like it should be a more substantial public access right.

If you want to watch videos from the National Archives today, they try to talk you into buying a DVD from the official government partner, Amazon.Com. The government web site has a 320×240 2 minute preview, using an old Microsoft codec, and all the search results encourage you to purchase from “our partner, Amazon.Com.”

So let’s call this hacktivism, specifically targeting a considerable and immediate public good, and spare a few minutes here and there in the next two weeks to help Carl out.

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