Other Concerns with the Digital Economy Bill

The EFF’s Danny O’Brien expands the analysis to look at issues beyond three strikes. The deputization goes beyond just potential disconnection but also apparently folds in some burdensome data logging and retention. There also appears to be an expansion beyond just ISPs to any access provider at the edge of the network. This reminds me of legislation here in the US that also threatened to snare any home user with an open wireless access point.

Danny also explains how the bill might affect domain registrations and also includes what I think has been well covered as the next biggest threat after the three strikes provisions, the reservation to the Business Secretary powers to amend copyright essentially at will.

I am very glad that folks like Danny as well as groups like the Open Rights Group are throwing themselves bodily into the fray, so to speak. We can do our part by spreading the word or if you are in the UK, checking out ORG’s site for opportunities to act.

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