Only slightly related, I know, but I have to say that OpenDNS may be a fine service, but only when one is in control of its use oneself.

My employer started using OpenDNS as our corporate resolver “as a security measure”. They have imposed a bunch of arbitrary, frequently changing rules via OpenDNS to block access to various sites. I am periodically blocked from Google Docs and GitHub because they are “file storage” sites. Oddly I’ve never been blocked from bitbucket… But the blocks come and go; a couple of days ago I was able to use Google Docs to view a PDF attachment in an email, but a week or 2 earlier it was blocked. Very annoying.

We are also subject to an OpenDNS generated links page in the case of typos, or when we use the Firefox address box as a search box. Used to be that would land you at google, but now, at work, I get a much less useful OpenDNS generated page.

I realize that none of this is OpenDNS’s fault, rather it is poor use of a good tool by somebody in our IT service provision maze. But it just goes to show that even good tools can be twisted into ugly things.