Danish Copyfighter Gets Frustrating Response from Anti-Piracy Group

TorrentFreak has the latest development. Even though Antipiratgruppen confirmed that the circumvention and format shifting for which Henrik Anderson tried to get arrested are indeed illegal, they are not interested in prosecution. From their response:

That said, the main purpose of the rule is to ensure against abuse of films and music being illegally copied and distributed further. The Association of Danish Videodistributors certainly have no interest in suing consumers who like you have purchased legitimate products – quite the contrary.

Anderson is not so convinced, sticking to the principle of the matter, that the necessary steps to creating a personal use copy of a legally purchased digital good are still illegal. He amplified this point to TorrentFreak:

Who is to say that if the anti-piracy group suddenly falls over a man with a 1000 films that they would not prosecute him, even though he has paid for his films? Once again: it is still illegal

That takes no small amount of courage and resolve to attempt to draw the lightning of an entertainment industry lawsuit just to earn the chance, without any guarantees, to change the law.

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