Dumbing Down Programming?

ZD Net has a post that is just a bit more than a press release for yet another natural language programming environment. Of course, that tired old question of whether such accessible tools dilute programming in some way is being trotted out. As easy as such tools are to start with, my experience has repeatedly born out that such simplicity comes a cost at the other extreme. Scalability or expression power or both ultimately have to be sacrificed to some degree, enough that even Moore’s Law cannot completely make up the difference.

In short, I don’t see this as any substantial threat and am glad to at least see the author concede that tools like these might spark a further interesting in programming and proper software engineering.

One Reply to “Dumbing Down Programming?”

  1. The thing is that programming isn’t difficult because it’s hard to tell a computer to do something. Programming is difficult because computers are incapable of making decisions for themselves, therefore the programmer has two choices: Decide – and tell the computer – how to handle all possible cases in advance, or present a prompt to the user when a case that hasn’t been handled in the code is encountered. Both of these paths have their own pitfalls, and neither problem’s pitfalls can be solved through “natural language” processing.

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