Contrafactual Premises of Britain’s Digital Economy Bill

Cory’s latest editorial for The Guardian is another good one, taking Mandelson’s rhetoric strongly to task for being not just disconnected from reality but utterly counter to any trends or evidence we’ve seen to date in this particular debate.

The idea that, at some time in the future, the volume of unauthorised copying will somehow drop off at all (let alone by an astounding 70%), is, frankly, barking. For that to happen, Britain’s general capacity for copying would have to decline faster than the increase in the British desire to make unauthorised copies.

He reminds us that such extreme efforts to undo by executive or legislative fiat the effects wrought by digital technology amounts to little more than suppression of innovation and subsidization of incumbents who have their heads too firmly embedded in the analog sand to engage in more reasonable compromises or even better yet evolutions of their businesses.

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