EFF’s Terms of (Ab)use Tool Launches, Mozilla’s Integrated Login, and More

  • EFF launches project to shed light on terms of use
    When the EFF launched ToSBack, a project to highlight the changes in terms of service over time, my sole lament was the lack of analysis to help us understand what these changes mean. I am thrilled to see them announce this complementary offering aimed at doing just that.
  • Mozilla’s plan for integrated login
    As long as users still have a choice about with which sites they will use this feature, I am not concerned about the privacy question raised by this RWW piece. I actually hope the consolidation of login into the browser itself will raise awareness of identity management and spur users to think of their profiles as data worth shepherding locally rather than delegating throughout the web.
  • Anti-piracy group fined in Spain
    Mike Masnick at Techdirt follows up on the piece from yesterday where the EC, specifically Viviane Reding, were critical of Spain’s consideration of a three strikes rule. This case gives some weight to Spain’s trend towards more progressive views on the issue of copyright infringement versus consumer rights.
  • Death of the black box EULA
    While I think there is cause to hope that consumers may be awakening to the issues with contracts of adhesion like EULAs, I am a bit more skeptical than Dana Blankenhorn on the state of EULAs. I think we are going to see much more aggressive fighting over the crafting of private copyright law before this idea is done. See the link about the EFF’s new project if you doubt me.
  • Obama administration wants to over-rule recent privacy preserving ruling
    The case in question, according to Wired, resulted in the federal appeals court seriously curtailing the scope of search-and-seizure of digital information. It remains to be seen if the executive is successful in pushing this through but it seriously furthers my disappointment in Obama’s administration with regards to cyber-liberties.

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