Microsoft Did Violate GPL (and Comes into Compliance), Potential Impact of Copyright Termination, and More

  • Microsoft admits it violated GPL, corrects its mistake
    The Register has the details, including a confirmation that an internal investigation did indeed confirm they violated the license. They have corrected their compliance failure by re-releasing the program in question with sources as stipulated by the license. On the one hand, I want to give them credit for acting relatively quickly to comply. On the other this seems to be forming a pattern with them, suggesting they could be doing better in terms of initial compliance.
  • Copyright termination poised to potentially change the landscape
    Eliot van Buskirk at Wired has an excellent piece explaining an issue that I have seen only minimal discussion around. That artists will have the right to reclaim their copyrights from publishers is a given, I just don’t think anyone can predict how many will exercise the right and what that will do to the content industry. It is going to be an interesting issue to follow, regardless.
  • Second Life co-founders reputation system
    RWW sees this as a potential entre into more businesses but I think that may be willfully reading too much into the provenance of the system itself than real world problems it can solve. As far as I know, few reputation systems have gotten very far which simply suggests there just isn’t a huge demand as of yet.
  • The case for more freedom around the iPhone
    The EFF points to two recent rejections that they think strengthens the need for their DMCA exemption petition to allow for jail breaking smart phones. For the Bobble Rep application, Apple has at least relented, but the point remains. Users cannot load whatever applications they like even though they own the devices. I keep hoping Apple’s rivals will turn this into a competitive advantage, like the use of MP3s for digital music stores but there has been little evidence for that as of yet.

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