MS Pulls Tool Suspected of GPL Infringement, SFLC Technical Directory Deals with Such Infringements Once a Day, and More

  • Trying to understand what Murdoch is thinking
    Cory has updated his original post about Murdoch’s madness in taking his sites out of Google and decrying fair use. On the former point, I think Cory’s hypothesis is reasonable, that Murdoch is trying to create leverage for an ill conceived exclusivity deal like he managed with MySpace. On the latter point, I also think this explanation holds water as it does indeed smack of a very thinly grasped academic understanding of normalization and international copyright conventions.
  • SFLC technical directory finds 1 GPL violation a day
    At Ars, Ryan Paul has an excellent consideration of a blog post that Bradley Kuhn wrote partly in response to a recent claim of possible GPL infringement in Windows 7. The bulk of the post covers the fair mundane and calm handling of surprisingly common violations, like this might be, and likens it to nothing so much as fixing bugs in code. Both Ryan’s comments and Bradley’s original post are well worth the read.
  • MS pulls tool accused of infringing GPL
    Emil Protalinski follows up on Ars a story that several folks, including myself, picked up last week. We still have no confirmation that Microsoft actually did violate the license and the site where the tool was available now merely presents an error, not explanation whatsoever.
  • Dissecting Hollywood’s latest messaging campaign
    Matthew Lasar has a beefy post up at Ars that is well worth a perusal if you are curious about the multiple rhetorical fronts on which the MPAA and its allies are pushing to suppress file sharing and more chillingly technological innovation. The first few paragraphs are the most mind boggling, the completely unsubtle and one sided presentation by 60 Minutes who should know better than to swallow this pill without any critical thought.
  • Understanding what the coinage NoSQL represents
    This is a pretty good piece on the pressures that led to coining this term, some discussion of the drawbacks of a negative definition, and then one of the more recent round ups on technologies out there that are within or help define the category.

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