Open Government Hack Day in Australia, A Command Line Interface for Twitter, and More

  • Australian hack day, working on open government data
    A good write up, found via Gnat’s four short links on O’Reilly Radar, of one of the first endorsed hack-a-thons. Perhaps a good preview of a similar project that Sunlight has already announced for next month.
  • The case for a command line interface for Twitter
    I would hardly disagree with the case Dave Winer is making here. The cost of plugging in parsers and libraries for yet another RESTful API with either JSON or XML isn’t great but it gets to be a drain. If you think about it, the support for using “d username msg” and at-messages is a toehold into a richer command interface that can be run straight from the text box on Twitter’s site, so we aren’t that far off.
  • How hackers can support resilience in society
    Glyn Moody tweeted the link to this piece. This actually makes a great deal of sense, if you think about it, even if you never though to call such people hackers. I want to draw this into a metaphor about hackers as white blood cells but I think John Robb’s post is more nuanced than that.

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