Assessing Voting Machine Security, Threatened Voices, and More

  • State of the courts on protecting email privacy
    The EFF has posted a nice survey of the state of several recent rulings in a couple of federal circuits. It is a nice backgrounder for the story I linked to yesterday, where a judge ruled that execution of a warrant need not include notification if the email being searched was stored on a third party server.
  • Act now on two critical bills facing committee vote
    The EFF has posted an action alert to contact your Congress critters on a Patriot Act reform bill as well as a states secret reform act. The committee vote for both is schedule for tomorrow, so act now.
  • First hand account of unsecured machines prior to election day
    Professor Felten took an informal survey of his local polling places. He did so in the few days leading up to election day as this has been when many researchers have been able to show windows of opportunity for attack. The results are not good, with only a small minority of an admittedly small sample of locations having the machines adequately locked away.
  • EU softens on open formats for public services
    Ryan Paul has the story at Ars based on a leaked draft of a document previous versions of which showed much stronger promise. In addition to a general dilution of the language around open-ness in this present version, Paul points out a troubling rationalization, emphasizing interoperability over open-ness and using that to advance homogeneity as a now more preferred means to that end.
  • Brazilian sets up adversarial testing of its voting systems
    Mike Masnick at Techdirt points out that not only is that country’s government setting up this testing that US vendors have roundly resisted, but has also put forward a bounty to whichever research team that successfully hacks the machine.
  • Latest moral panic from Hollywood over net neutrality
    At Techdirt, Mike Masnick has an unusually lengthy and detailed analysis of an FCC filing from the MPAA on the net neutrality rule making currently underway. A lot of this rhetoric is consistent with big content’s panics of the past so it’s not surprising that Masnick concludes that this is all there is to the filing.
  • Map of threatened bloggers around the world
    Ethan Zuckerman of the Berkman Center has a good write up of a solid bit of hacktivism on his blog. Threatened Voices is consistent with several efforts in that it will be an ongoing, of necessity incomplete effort and hopefully a necessary prelude, that of gathering collective knowledge, to further action.

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