The Intriguing Merits of the Timezone File, Tor Ported Natively to Android, and One More

Just three more stories on the cusp of last week and this coming week, ones I could not hold off on until tomorrow.

  • White House deploys Drupal
    This story looks as simple as it appears on cursory inspection. Even the White House gets to some degree the benefits around freeing themselves from vendor lock and being able to leverage the crowd driven innovation of an open tool like Drupal. Best of all, they have risen above FUD on this particular case to focus more on constructive opportunities.
  • The literary and scholarly merits of the timezone file
    Cory’s post on BB has me tempted to crack this file on one of my systems, too, to observe the noteworthy marginalia first hand. Having worked on systems not just subject to the whims of time zone changes but utterly dependent on them, I find this post even more compelling. I can totally grok the need for this sort of digital archeology and commentary.
  • Tor port for the Android platform
    This is fantastic news and the fact that it is a native, C port means it should run much slower than it does on desktops. I have to admit to being down on many of the so-called open phone platforms, lately, but this is clearly a huge win enabled by them.

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