DC’s October CopyNight is Monday, the 26th

As usual, it will be held at Teasim in Penn Quarter, which is easy walking distance from several Metro stations. We’ll be starting at 6:30PM. As of this CopyNight, I am officially taking over as coordinator for the DC group. Our former coordinator, Joe, has been swamped by increased work commitments. While he’ll still be participating as much as those will allow, he and I agreed it would be better for continuity and planning if he handed over the reins. I am happy I have the time and opportunity to help in this capacity.

I assembled some stories for discussion, too, which have already been sent out via the list.

I am grateful for everyone who submitted stories to share for the upcoming discussion. I will try to get my notes up from last month’s CopyNight, too, though I won’t promise to doing so before tomorrow’s gathering.

This list includes plenty to cover but the discussion is open so bring whatever other stories or questions are on your mind.

Hope to see you there!

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