Shepard Fairey Comes Clean, SCO Eliminates McBride’s Job, and More

  • PulseAudio creator responds to criticism
    I don’t use PulseAudio myself but am well familiar with some of the common complaints. I am partly sympathetic to his explanations but think that at least some of the purpose for a framework like PA should be to better handle edge cases and errors to guide developers to more correct usage of the framework and anything it attaches to.
  • Picking apart the rhetoric of net neutrality opponents
    Art Brodsky of Public Knowledge has a good, if incensed, piece that de-constructs the rhetoric and even some of the influences of opponents to the FCC adoption network neutrality.
  • OpenBSD 4.6 released
    Another release from the operating system from which the wonderful security swiss army knife, OpenSSH, is ported. A good opportunity to support development of either or both of the OS and the network tool by purchasing a CD or some swag with the release artwork.
  • The truth about the Shepard Fairey copyright case
    Mike Masnick of Techdirt has the official press statement as well as some quick analysis. He may be right, that Fairey can still make a serviceable fair use defense but I cannot imagine the damage his shredded credibility will do to that defense, regardless.
  • SCO eliminates McBride’s job
    At Groklaw, PJ has an excerpt from the latest bankruptcy filing. It explains that the CEO and President positions were eliminated and seems to position doing so as part of the financial re-structuring. The fact that the company plans to continue its infamous anti-Linux litigation unfortunately supports a less vindictive interpretation of McBride’s departure.

2 Replies to “Shepard Fairey Comes Clean, SCO Eliminates McBride’s Job, and More”

  1. LOL on Fairey. Been advocating he is a moron and this seals the deal. Saw the post come through Twitter. Even though I believe he is fair in use, I kinda hope he gets spanked.

    Here’s something fun to ponder – if he painted the poster (canvass + oil) using the AP photo as reference there would be NO QUESTION that he was in fair use.

    I think that the fact that he slipped a photo into an Adobe product and hit a few buttons is why he is getting nailed.

    As he should?

    Technology makes our lives easier but this should not provide an easy way out.

    Confused and laughing. It could be worse. Thx T!


  2. Faking/destroying evidence is both stupid and unethical.

    I maintain, though, that Fairey’s Hope artwork hanging at the National Portrait Gallery (which I have seen) is art with its own merit, even if the transformative value doesn’t come through in the posters and the online pictures. It goes well beyond just hitting a few buttons.

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