Three Strikes Hypocrisy, PATRIOT Act Reforms Falter, and More

  • More opinions on FTC rule for bloggers and product reviews
    Adam Theiere of the Technology Liberation Front provides a good list of links to folks chewing on the recently announced FTC rule. Like me, most still have more questions than answers. Adam calls out some potentially disturbing implications, namely that it looks like traditional media may largely get a pass on these new rules.
  • Hypocrisy abounds with three strikes champion Sarkozy
    According to the quote Cory extracted from this story, this isn’t even the first time Sarkozy has been caught out infringing copyright. I am sure the French president sees a difference in kind between P2P based infringement and what he has done, repeatedly, though the law makes no such distinction.
  • New release backs DVD Jon’s venture with Amazon’s legitimate MP3 store
    As Dana Oshiro explains at RWW, Johansen’s DoubleTwist was launched to use his knowledge of circumvention to enable device shifting. I don’t know much else beyond that but have to imagine that their use of Amazon’s MP3 store may increase their profile to the point where we may see some uncomfortable questions brought to bear on the venture’s other offerings.
  • PATRIOT Act review fails to reign in search powers
    The EFF tweeted the link to this NYTs piece. It looks like the provisions of the bill set to expire will be renewed largely as is. The article details the last minute edits that led to some vastly weakened measures being swapped in to replace my aggressive reforms proposed earlier. There is still the JUSTICE Act to consider but this is disheartening.
  • Piracy Payback offers a way to pay for your P2P indulgences
    Nate Andersion describes the idea at Ars, one that doesn’t seem like either side of the P2P conflict really want or are likely to use. Worse, I can easily see how an adversarial label could snare the company with secondary liability for inducing users to partake of P2P regardless of any fees collected on their behalf.
  • One of The Pirate Bay brings criminal charges against anti-piracy group
    Mike Masnick at Techdirt has the very torturous details of BREIN’s efforts in bringing its suit against The Pirate Bay. As it turns out, brokep seems to have uncovered evidence that part of their twisted efforts was to falsify a report, essentially committing perjury, and on that basis is pressing his own fraud charges.

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