Music Inspired by a Computer Game, Portland Backs Open Data, and More

  • Zork rock anthem
    Thanks, Cory, for sharing this ladleful of awesome sauce. Not only is this a great bit of very listenable nerd core, it works on a whole other level: the lyrics are a walk through of the original Zork text adventure game.
  • Mozilla also objects to Google Chrome Frame plugin
    As The Register explains, VP of Engineering Mike Shaver offers some more considered technical arguments and Mozilla chief lizard wrangler, Mitchell Baker. The issue, in a nutshell, is that the plugin silos security and other data on a site by site basis and can have a net effect of eroding the safety of the browser and definitely will lead to consumer confusion.
  • UK consultation on proposed three strikes rule closes
    The Open Rights Group has a good recap not only of the proceeding but the hard work they are doing to provided well informed, substantiated critique of the proposal.
  • Horrifying details of proposed UK border plan
    Am I missing something? I understand why the scientists are objecting to the methods being proposed as they are flawed, like automated facial recognition and other sorts of fuzzy techniques often are. But what about the very idea, regardless of the means, of conditioning access to the country based on heritage and ancestral origin? This seems like a notion rife for a while different degree and kind of abuse.
  • City of Portland backs open, structured data
    What a coup! As RWW points out, Portland is the latest in an early trend in open up its data and in this instance seems to be banking on the fact that it has a very strong local software industry.

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