TCLP 2009-09-30 Copyright Panel at D*C 2009

This is a feature cast.

In the intro, a correction from Randal on the correct pronunciation of “Kernighan”. Also, Gail Martin interviewed me for her podcast, Ghost in the Machine. We chatted about peer media, open content and media advocacy. You can download the interview or subscribe to her feed, she interviews many other fascinating, aspiring authors on her show.

I’m going to push off on listener feedback until next week. Also, no hacker word of the week for the same reason, the length of the feature.

The feature this week is the recording of the “Creative Commons and Legal Issues” panel from the podcasting track at Dragon*Con 2009, otherwise known simply as the copyright panel. I was joined by Thomas Vincent, Randy Chertkow of Beatnik Turtle, and Courtney Lytle Perry. This is the third time Randy and Courtney have joined me for this panel and it was a sheer pleasure. The audio is a little over driven, we were having speaker issues this year, but I think I managed to get things a bit under control.


There are no detailed show notes this week. You can also grab the flac encoded audio from the Internet Archive.

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