Dragon*Con 2009, Day 4

I had no formal volunteer commitments on the last day of the convention. That is just as well since between checkout and needing to get Chuck to the airport, I barely had time to check in with Swoopy and say good bye. Kreg and I decided the best plan was for me to circle back and pick him up to get going. Re-parking the car would be too much hassle given the wait times for the valet on the main departure day. We wouldn’t gain any real time to either help with the load out or spend a few more last minutes with friends. Not if Kreg wanted to get home at a decent hour and I wanted to push on to a past halfway stopping point for the night.

After almost an entire day on the road, I am now happily ensconced in a road side hotel. I am obviously back online after an entire day off. The wired, high speed internet access at the Marriott is not free. We decided not to pay for another day since the last day we would only need it for a few hours. So I was not able to tweet my departure or post my day 3 wrap up until just now. (I returned to the room Saturday night/Sunday morning at 3AM and was too tired to write it up then.)

I still have much catch up to do but it can wait until I get home. My plan is to head out bright and early. I hope to be home in time to still have half a day to unpack, rest and get a bit of work done. I’d like to get my interview with Randy from Beatnik Turtle out this week, though no promises. I have a total of I think over two hundred photos to sift through, organize, clean up, cherry pick and then post. I have been marking quite a few of my feeds as read but still have a small reserve I do want to work through to get back on the daily posting horse as well as have some material for this weekend’s show.

I may also try to pull together some final thoughts on the con. It also marks the end of my planned con outings for 2009, what I call my con season. I closed with the most important thought in my last post, the one for day three, but there are a few other things bouncing around my brain, quite a few of them just some humor and randomness that I might like to document. Not now, though. Now, I am looking forward to a full night’s sleep, in a bed and a room I have all to myself. I am also looking forward to returning to my family tomorrow who I have been missing very much, especially yesterday and today.

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