Dragon*Con 2009, Day 1

We all had an early start this morning. Chuck had to get off to registration to get his badge and Kreg and I wanted to get down to the Atrium ball room to see how the line was for Shatner and Nimoy. The registration line was already quite bad. Shatner and Nimoy had been moved from the Atrium, which is in our hotel, to the Hyatt. We hoofed it over and were able to walk in and grab a seat about a third of the way back.

Chuck managed to get through registration quickly enough to head over to the Hyatt. A few people left our row and we were able to save a seat so Chuck could sit with us. We all agreed, seeing Shatner and Nimoy was pretty much worth the price of admission in and of itself. They were funny, working in some from material they clearly had prepared and ad libbing, playing to the audience. Chuck snagged a bit of video and Kreg had a super long lens on his digital SLR. Some of the pictures he got looked like he was sitting right at the table.

Yes, Dree, Shatner mentioned his stint on Boston Legal. No, he did not say, “Denny Crane”, but he was very charming and Denny-like. I think it counts.

For lunch, I introduced Chuck and Kreg to my favorite spot in the food court, Kameel’s Cafe. I love their falafel and they’ve added shwarma. It was turkey shwarma which I suppose is a bit healthier, though all of their mediterranean style platters and sandwiches come with a good helping of veggies. I’ve never seen turkey shwarma, not even sure that it qualifies as shwarma. I don’t care what you call it, though, it was delicious. Chuck and Kreg clearly agreed because we got dinner there, too, which we ate in the room before heading back to the podcasting track room.

Chuck and Kreg spent the afternoon at the walk of fame, getting photos, signatures and sound bytes. I had my first volunteer shift covering the podcast novels panel and the Dragon*Con TV behind the scenes, both of which were excellent.

We hit a room party, briefly, before dinner. One of the repeat panelists from my copyright panel invited me and welcomed Chuck and Kreg as my guests. It was a nice, quiet party and we enjoyed meeting some new folks. I think we talked a few of them into checking out the podcasting track over the course of the weekend.

After dinner, we sat in the audience for the panel before the live Technorama. That was the live Sword & Laser show with Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt. We enjoyed it, they did a great job translating their format to a live event, including interviewing their guest, author Timothy Zahn.

The live Technorama went pretty well. Chuck and Kreg dragged me up for the Stump the Geek segment along with Dave Slusher and Clint Alvord from Comedy 4 Cast. I think the live show went well but I am hugely based as a regular listener for several years. They were already talking about how to improve turn out and tweaking the format for next year. Yeah, I think they are really enjoying their first Dragon*Con.

Many folks arrived today so I was also able to catch up with many existing friends or meet new ones including but not limited to Chooch and Viv, Patrick McLean, Dave Slusher, The Encaffeinated One, and all of my fellow volunteers–Sam, Laura, Andrew and Jonathan. As always, I wish there was more time to socialize and regretted pooping out as some are still partying as I write this. Thankfully, it is only the first day, so there will be more opportunities.

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