The Road to Dragon*Con 2009, Day 2

Kreg and I had a nice, relaxed start this morning. After breakfast, we finished packing his gear and crammed my little two door to the figurative gills. We made as good time today as I made yesterday.

As we drove into Atlanta, we started to see folks that we were pretty sure were here for the con.  No costumes as of yet, but a higher proportion of black tee shirts and more than one with unusual hair color.

On entering our hotel, the Marriott, there was no mistaking we had arrived at a massive gathering of our native people. In amongst the waiting luggage carts stacked with baggages of all shapes and size could be seen prop weapons and costume bits. Tee shirts with snarky slogans, common and esoteric scifi references, and more than one utili-kilt.

After checking in, we used the brand new habitrail from the Marriott to the Hilton (fresh cedar smell) to get our staff packets from Swoopy and help with whatever set up needed to be done. Tech ops was in the midst of setting up our PA and mics until we noticed them doing it wrong. We gently but urgently shooed them out and set to work. Between Kreg, Swoopy and myself we had it up, running and all the cables neatly managed.

We moved next door to lend a hand with the same A/V setup for the skeptrack. Derek’s mixers has fewer channels than Swoopy’s so we weren’t able to set it up quite the same. Eventually, five of us managed to get a workable configuration out of the various parts we had and tech ops had provided.

It took so long to sort through the skeptrack A/V setup, Kreg and I had to head straight out to pick up Chuck, Kreg’s co-host on Technorama. We timed it pretty well and only had to wait a little bit for him to make his way out to baggage claim. Even better, he traveled entirely carry on so were able to hop in the car and head out for a late dinner.

We decided on barbecue and on the way to a place listed in the GPS, ended up at a different place. It was a little divey but clean and smelled wonderful. The waitress behind the front counter was snarky, but in a funny way, not at all mean spirited. She put up with us coming in five minutes before closing very graciously. The food was amazing and if the restaurant was closer to the con rather than the airport, we’d probably plan on going back again later in the weekend.

The lobby of the Marriott was starting to liven up when we finally got back. We dropped Chuck’s luggage off in the room and gathered up our cameras and an H2. We spent a good hour or so taking some amazing pictures and getting a bit of fun audio. Much earlier in the day, Kreg said he’d seen enough of the con to already decide on coming back next year. He was like a kid in a candy store shooting the few costumes already out so early in the con. Chuck and I almost lost him once. I think his camera may explode by the end of the weekend.

The podcasting track doesn’t start until 1PM tomorrow, but Chuck needs to get up to registration first thing to get his badge. Kreg and I figure we’ll make an attempt to see Nimoy and Shatner at 10AM which may require us to wake up and get down to the Atrium ballroom same time as Chuck sets out for the Sheraton. That plan, of course, may not survive first contact with the con.

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    1. From what I gather, he was not in the walk of fame. There was an additional fee to see him for autographs that was at least as much as a con badge. I did see him in the big ballroom at the Hyatt which I described in my post for Friday.

      I suspect even with the additional cost to see him, the line may have been insane. We passed the line for Patrick Stewart’s panel and it stretched halfway through the hotel, through the habit trail, the peach tree center and just barely into the food court.

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