The Road to Dragon*Con 2009, Day 1

I am under strict orders from the home office to post as often as I can over the coming week while I am traveling to, spending time at and returning home from Dragon*Con 2009.

Today was spent mostly on the road, after a very early start. Well, very early from a habitual late riser like myself. After seven hours and very little traffic anywhere along the way, I reached Rock Hill, SC where I met up with fellow podcaster Kreg Steppe of Technorama. He is graciously hosting me for the night before we drive together into Atlanta for the convention. He and his co-host Chuck Tomasi also are sharing their room with me at the convention, an act of generosity that made it possible for me to go this year.

I don’t have much else to report from day one of the road trip, other than making excellent time and arriving safely. Kreg and I have been chatting about tech and podcasting pretty much since I got here and probably will continue to do so on the ride tomorrow. I’ve gotten a few glimpses behind the curtains of Technorama and it has deepened my already considerable appreciation for the show.

Chewing the fat with Kreg really reminds me that even though we are five years on from the original wave of podcasters, the community as a whole is still small and pretty tight knit.  The feeling is very collegial as we share tips, experiences, and horror stories. It has been a nice appetizer for the kinds of gatherings and conversations I am expecting over the course of the long weekend.

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