Dragon*Con 2009 Schedule

I already have my panel commitments on my Google Calendar, but here they are with the panel descriptions.

  • Making Your Podcast Sound Better
    Saturday 10:00AM Hilton 204
    “This group of wildly diverse podcasters have the gift for making auditory masterpieces. Learn their secrets to making it all sound so good.”
    George Hrab, Slau, Patrick McLean
  • Creative Commons and Legal Issues
    Saturday 11:30AM Hilton 204
    “Join our panel of experts in a discussion of legal issues as they pertain to the world of Podcasting, copyright and creative commons.”
    Courtney Lytle-Perry, Randy Chertow, Jon Stallard, Thomas Vincent

I am moderating both of those panels. I’ve done the creative commons and legal issues panel repeatedly in past years and at other conventions. I also have worked with all of these panelists before, so am looking forward to an easy and excellent discussion.

For the other panel, I will do my best to add my experience. Really, I think I can do the most good just by supporting the other panelists as moderator. Any one of them has way more experience than me in producing amazing quality audio. I’ll do my best to have some good questions for them to spur conversation.

I am volunteering again this year but as of yet do not know my volunteer schedule. I’ll try to get a post up as soon as I do know it, which should be Friday morning I expect.

For panels I want to attend, I haven’t gone through the schedule yet. I am certain I’ll be going to the Live Technorama Friday night at 10PM since I am rooming with the hosts and they are friends. Beyond that, going by past years’ experience, anything I do plan ahead rarely stays fixed through the course of the weekend. Much depends on my degree of sleep deprivation and who else is going to a particular panel.

If you want to find me, though, best bets are either in Hilton 204 or over in the EFF track. My phone is horrible but I have a new Google Voice number that should make that easier with which to cope. Email me for that number if you need it.

For social events, I am thinking about the EFF party which is usually Saturday night. I don’t think there are any podcasting related parties this year, so otherwise may be at loose ends. The Encaffeinated One is having an ad-hoc meetup for his projects which I will probably attend as I promised to discuss his FiXideas.org project.

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    1. It’s not that I am necessarily looking for parties, either, just trying to give people as much of a clue as to where they can find me if they are looking.

      I had heard that Evo did not get the party suite this year, which is where the podcast parties were at in past years. I also hadn’t heard an promos for a Sigler party which were rampant all over people’s feeds in years past. I’m sure if Scott does something, I’ll stop by at least to check it out. If not, I am sure I can find plenty of other things to do, too.

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