TCLP 2009-07-01 Ideas vs. Execution

This is a feature cast.

In the intro a discussion of my recently started podiobook and unbook projects. I just wrote this up for the blog, too.

Listener feedback this week is from Thomas Vincent with some more info on the USTR including the only story he could find on the current appointee, rglog on Twitter asking about the privacy risk of appliancized clients like Hulu Desktop, and Vasking curious about the history and current state of open codecs and HTML5.  Here’s the mailing list message I mentioned, via Daring Fireball.

The hacker word of the week this week is elegant.

The feature this week is a monologue on ideas vs. execution inspired by the FLOSS Weekly discussing the CouchDB project. I mention the idea-expression dichotomy in copyright and the News from Poughkeepsie blog series by Mur Lafferty.


Grab the detailed show notes with time offsets and additional links either as PDF or OPML. You can also grab the flac encoded audio from the Internet Archive.

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