No Episode Tonight

I spend all day at Privacy Camp yesterday and then did another interview this time for The Secret Lair podcast. Once we turned off the recording, we stayed on video chat for several more hours since Chris Miller and I really get a chance to chat “face-to-face” as it were. As a consequence, I am understandably wiped out this morning.

I mentioned in the outro of the last show that I might not get an episode out tonight, so this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. I am working on my notes for the week in review post, at present, and the next episode, my 4th anniversary show, should got out as planned.

I also need to make time to go over my notes and write up Privacy Camp. In short, it was my first Bar Camp and I enjoyed it immensely. I made a ton of new connections, many of which are already baring fruit. I’ll also mention that the Center for American Progress Action Fund was a superb host, they have a phenomenal space for unconferences and I hope they are indeed able to host more of them as well as other kinds of more traditional events.

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