Extended Deadline for 4th Anniversay Show Submissions

I am extending the deadline for submissions for my upcoming 4th anniversary show until Monday, June 22nd. The original deadline was today.

Every submission enters a drawing for one of two amazing prizes. One if a personalized copy of J.C. Hutchins’ new book, “Personal Effects: Dark Art”; the other is a signed, homemade, limited edition galley of Cory Doctorow’s forthcoming novel, “Makers”. Thanks to J.C. and Cory both for their generous contributions.

All I am looking for are interesting stories about how the podcast has affected you, the listener. Has it made you think more about the software licenses you use and choose? Are you learning a new programming language or technology? Have you started volunteering or undertaken any kind of digital rights advocacy? Anything at all that you feel was prompted by the discussions on the show is welcome.

If you are able to record audio, that would be best, but I emails are acceptable, too. You can also call the listener comment line and leave your story as a voice mail, 1 240-949-2638. Everyone who submits will get credit in the show notes for the anniversary episode on the 24th. If you want to be attributed in a particular way, please include that in your submission.

Send me your story by this coming Monday, the 22nd, when I’ll draw names for the two prizes.

Thanks for listening!

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