Recent Podcast Appearances

Dave LaMorte, host and producer of Teaching for the Future, posted his interview with me this past week. This was a fascinating conversation that wandered a bit far afield from open source in the classroom, a topic Dave has been exploring in recent shows. I think the tangents were still highly relevant and our discussion of privacy and professionalism has me mulling over some topics I may put forward for discussion at PrivacyCampDC.

I want to thank Dave for inviting me onto his program and for engaging in such a great discussion.

My other podcast appearance was a bit more light hearted. The gravelly Martyn Darkly invited me to read for his excellent short form show, Movie Mantras. My reading was from the film adaptation of one of my favorite manga, Ghost in the Shell. I say light hearted but when I listened to the full episode in which Martyn used my reading, the meaning of it hit home in a very compelling way given some of my current contemplation around my professional and personal development.

I want to thank Martyn for including me in this clever, well produced series.

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