Another Prize for the Anniversary Show

One of the responses to my request on Twitter and for suggestions for other prizes for my anniversary show was to give away a Cory Doctorow book. I thought this was an excellent idea since I’ve promoted a couple of his recent books that speak so strongly to the topics I discuss on the show.

J.C. Hutchins’ fantastically generous offer to sign the copy of his new book, “Personal Effects: Dark Art”, that I am giving away got me to thinking. I also own three signed editions that I cherish written by Cory Doctorow: “Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town” and “A Place So Foreign and 8 More” that he signed for me when I first met him and “Little Brother” that I ordered from Borderlands when he was on his tour promoting that book.

I figured if I wrote Cory, odds would be good that he’d be willing to autograph a copy of “Little Brother” if I shipped it to him and covered the cost of sending it on to the the eventual winner.

I was floored by his response–not only was he agreeable but he upped the ante. He is going to sign a limited homemade galley of his next book, “Makers”, and allow me to give that away to anyone sending me content for my upcoming anniversary show. This is copy is from the third galley printing which is limited to 25 so it is amazingly generous and will make a special, rare addition to the lucky winner’s library.

I was lucky enough to read an early draft of “Makers” and am looking forward to helping promote it when it comes out later this year. There is a lot to like in this story–Make magazine inspired making, crowd sourced amusement rides, an eerily prescient view of our current economic woes and of the state of the news industry, metabolic hacking, and desktop 3D printers.

So, for your chance to win either of these awesome prizes, a signed copy of J.C. Hutchins’ and Jordan Weisman’s “Personal Effects: Dark Art” or a signed, limited edition homemade galley of Corey Doctorow’s forthcoming “Makers”, get me your stories, in audio or even just by email, by June 17th. Here’s the original post with all of the details.

My friends, Cory and J.C., both rock and I owe them an immense debt of gratitude.

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