The Prize Copy of PE:DA Will Be Signed

If you read the comments on this site, you may know that J.C., the author of Personal Effects: Dark Art, heard my review last night and was thrilled. So much so that he has offered to personalize the copy I bought for whichever listener wins it in the contest for my 4th anniversary show.

I have a nearly full shelf of signed copies in my own library and I love every single one. They either cement the joy I take in the success of my friends’ works or capture the memory of meeting people I admire greatly. I am hugely grateful for J.C.’s generosity in offering to share that extra intangible pleasure that goes along with receiving a personalized book.

The deadline for submission is June 17th and I’ll be playing the drop with all the details in every episode of the show between now and then. Or you can read the original post with the low down. Stay tuned to this space for my updates on the additional prizes as I secure them.

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