J.C.: My pleasure. First and foremost, I try to only recommend books, games and films on the show that I enjoy myself first hand. Honestly, why would I recommend something if I didn’t like it myself? My only other criterion is that it be something that I think my audience, folks interested in hacker culture and computing technology would find interesting. All of my friends’ projects clear the first bar by a mile but not all of them fit the second category as cleanly. As an exploration of alternate reality gaming, especially one this compelling, PE:DA happily clears that second bar by a huge margin, too.
I am still digging into the clues I have been able to uncover and am on the final third of the novel itself. (I haven’t even had the book a full week yet.) I hope to do a spoiler free re-visit soon to recap my more complete impressions of the ARG component of the project and how they affected my experience of the mainline narrative. I already have some pretty insane theories and can’t wait to see how close to the mark I get.