Balticon 43 Panel Audio

I have recordings for three more panels that aren’t as relevant to my podcast but that I promised to share. I encoded these as FLAC audio and posted them to the Internet Archive. Their media system recognizes FLAC and has already re-encoded my original uploads as both MP3 and Ogg Vorbis.

The panels are:

The Internet Archive pages for each has the relevant details about the panels and the license, CC BY-SA 3.0 US, for each. I will also warn you that this is the raw, unedited audio without any noise reduction. That was my motivation for posting them as FLAC audio, which is a lossless format, so if you want to edit and clean up the audio to us under the license terms, you have the highest possible quality to do so.

One other note, because they are encoded in a lossless format, the file sizes are quite large, around 400GBMB each. If you just want to listen, I’d encourage grabbing the Ogg Vorbis or MP3 versions as it will take far less time. I’d recommend you only download the FLAC if you are going to do some additional work on it.

My experiences with the Internet Archive have me considering posting FLAC versions of my own shows as a convenience for anyone who wants the raw audio for re-mixing. The uploads take quite a long time but the encoding time is pretty good and the only cost to use the Internet Archive is the time to get the files up there.

I was on one other panel, Podasting 101, which I did not record. That panel was held in the main track room, though, so odds are good it was recorded with the gear set up in that room and will be released via the Balticon Podcast.

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    1. I think the incredibly long time it took to upload the FLAC files skewed my perception. It felt like uploading 400GB but you are correct, that number is off by several orders of magnitude. Each file is a bit over 400MB, not GB. That still may be a hefty download depending on your connection speed.
      I corrected the UoM in the post itself.

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