I know I’m behind, but I wanted to respond to your comments about the EFF copyright curriculum. I totally agree that education about intellectual property is disparately need for both students and educators, but I think the EFF left a lot to be desired with their recent effort.

I’m not sure I would call this curriculum because it is pretty thin and would really only last you a week or two, it is only 5 lessons. As unit plans go it is pretty well written and easy to follow, but I think it makes too many assumptions about the audience. I feel like it assumes that the people being taught and the people teaching these lessons are really motivated to learn about copyright.

The examples they give and the activities are so DRY. I think there could have been a lot more done to focus on how IP effect people and maybe developed some kind of group activity or game to illustrate some of their points.

It’s a really good start, but you could never run this Unit as is. It would be great if they included materials for students and maybe some kind of short reading material as a reading guide.