TCLP 2009-05-17 News

This is news cast 177.

In the intro, an explanation of what happened for my live appearance on Teaching for the Future.  We’ll reschedule for after Balticon, which leads me to a reminder there will be no news show on the 24th.

I also want to thank Verbal, who found my show from my appearance on The Linux Link Tech Show, and Emil for their donations this week.

This week’s security alerts are D-Link adds CAPTCHAs to its home routers and Apple hires OLPC’s former security chief.

In this week’s news Apple removes BitTorrent remote control application from its App Store, free books effects on sales, the NYT considers current trends in copyright infringement of print books featuring a couple of others who have clashed on this topic, and is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 an also ran?

Following up this week The Pirate Bay’s plan for paying its fine and Monty on the fate of MySQL post-Oracle, a bit of video from Linuxfest Northwest.


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