Teaching for the Future Interview to be Re-Scheduled

As planned, Dave LaMorte and I met on Ustream last night to record a live interview. After wrangling with the video settings for a bit, we had a great chat followed by a few live viewers. Even after Dave stop recording (after twice as much time as he planned) we continued to chat for some time.

Shortly after I left the video chat, Dave tweeted to me that Ustream had only record his half of the audio and video. I am not sure if this was operator error or an inadequacy of Ustream. It doesn’t really matter, I have forgotten to hit the record button my own self only to realize after hanging up with the other party. All you can do when this happens for whatever reason is apologize and see if everyone is willing to try again.

Having been in this situation before, I am more than happy to try again and immediately let Dave know. It will have to be after Balticon at this point. Hopefully if we stick to Skype or Gizmo the lag will be less of a problem too. Last night was the first time I was on the broadcatsing end of Ustream and the lag was…challenging.

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