TCLP 2009-05-10 News

This is news cast 176.

In the intro, an update on my schedule at Balticon 43 which is May 22nd to the 25th.  In addition to my official schedule, I will be reprising my role as Doc Tech for the Live Mr. Adventure, Saturday night at 10PM.

Cory posted an article of Locus mentioning flashbake, to welcome to any new readers or listeners checking the show out from that.  Additionally, thanks to Adam Mercer (ram), flashbake is now available through MacPorts.  I’ll post a bit later on with more details and update the project’s wiki to reflect the even easier installation for Mac users.

A reminder that I’ll be on The Linux Link Tech Show live this Wednesday, the 13th, at 8:30PM Eastern.  I’ve also been invited on Dave LaMorte’s Teaching for the Future podcast where he’s recently been discussing open source and free software in the class room.  We’re going to attempt a live show on his channel.  We’re targeting this Thursday, the 14th, at 8:30PM.  More details as they develop and for both those appearances I’ll post links to the regular podcast episodes if you cannot view the live events themselves.

This week’s security alerts are researchers hijack and dissect a botnet and a Windows 7 rootkit already.

In this week’s news a conflict between two Firefox extensions and the policy Mozilla issues in response, the US places Canada on its priority IP watch list, Mozilla is planning on separating UI and content handling into separate processes in future Firefox versions, and the maker of the long promised Duke Nukem Forever closes its doors.

Following up this week the European Parliament rejects the three strikes rule as part of the pending telecoms reform package and Oracle’s views on the future of some Sun projects after the acquisition.


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